Toddler Night Time Routine

Routines are so important in young children. I personally am all about them and love them so much. They make things run a lot smoother this way.

I’m starting our night time off when it gets darks, five o clock. Who else hates that winter gets dark so early? At this time we all tell one another about our day and relax a bit. My little one normally plays with her barbies. We tend to eat dinner around six each night. We always eat at the table and as a family. It is something important to us. Eating as a family is a great bonding time. After dinner, we typically read the Bible as a family and reflect on it. After this time, my little one and her dad go play drums. It is something they love to do together. We start bath time at 7:30. I have been loving Tubby Todd’s soaps and shampoos when bathing her. We always brush her teeth after her bath. Something really important to me, is always putting lotion on her after she gets out of the tub.

Tubby Todds lotion is amazing. I get extremely dry skin, so I want to try to prevent that as much as possible with her. We read a story before bed and she gives us our love. I always think our routine is simple. It always runs smoothly. We’ve been doing this for years and it works best for us.

Are you strict on your routines? How do you get ready for bed?

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