Sticking to your fitness goals

Many of you guys know that I have been working out continuously for a year now. That’s a pretty big deal for me. Normally I give up after a few months. I’m not worried that will be doing that any time soon. I am confident that I will continue to work out. I have learned some tips throughout my journey, that I figured could be beneficial for others.

Everyone is different. We all like different things. There’s so many forms of music, religion, and clothing styles because of this. Just like all of that, there are so many forms of exercise. If you aren’t enjoying your workout, try another form of exercise outside.

I’ve tried many kinds of exercises. I’ve done a bunch of apps, yoga, dancing, YouTube videos, and boxing. I think it is really good to try many activities. It is good to switch it up too. You don’t want your body to get too used to it or get too bored of it. I can’t stress enough, do what you enjoy. I am serious. If you are miserable, you won’t want to workout the next day. If you are sore however, that is a sign that you are gaining muscle! You want to be sore. The best way to not be sore is to workout even more. That and always remember to stretch! Stretching really helps so much. It is important to move your body for thirty minutes each day. What helps me to not feel so overwhelmed, is in my head I am just doing intervals. Doing three ten minute segments is a lot more manageable for me to do. Do what works for you. Some people prefer to go to the gym a few times a week and just stay for an hour or two. I would hate that though.

Remember that you are making lifestyle changes. If you want to keep doing this for years, it is a lifestyle change. I mean you have to have rest days. I mean you can still eat regular food. I slowly cut out soda. I did it mainly because I wanted to see how my body would change if I went two months without soda. Guess what I could do it. That being said it was extremely hard! It is great to set little goals for yourself though.

I want to hear how your fitness journey is going. What is your choice of exercise? How long do you workout for?

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