Forever 21 Swimsuits

I made a list of my favorite swimsuits from forever 21. The links to them will be included. I hope you enjoy.

Have a classic black one piece is always a must. This one has full coverage on the booty. You’ll be able to show off some cleavage in this suit. This suit will be flattering on so many bodies.

When I first saw this suit, I immediately thought of bettle juice. That made me want this suit even more. I love how unique this design is. It’ll be a good one to add to your swimsuit collection.

I love a top that helps perks the boobs up. If a top looke similar to a bra, I probably have that top. You don’t have to worry about nipping when you have a top with cups. This one would look cute with some black high waisted bottoms.

This kind of suit is really comfortable. It helps hide anything you don’t want to shop with it being a smock style.

This suit would be great for a party. Whether it is a birthday or just a pool party, you’d definitely be the center of attention with a suit like this. If you were to have a pool date, this would be a great version of wearing a cute dress too.

This suit is a great summer color. Crochet is a big summer trend. Everyone is loving and for obvious reasons. It is cute.

This suit is so girly. This would be a perfect day time suit. So many body types would look great in this suit.

This suit has great coverage. It is one with cups, so it’ll hold you in place. You’ll be able to find a great cover up for it easily too.

I really like swim suits like this. This kind would be great to show off the upper abs. It is a lot easier to get upper abs too, so more people are able to show it off.

This is what I call business in the front, party in the back. This one has some fun cut outs in the back. The front is just all lilac with nothing to going on. It would look great in pictures.

Sun it up

That’s the suits I personally really love. I hope you find some that you enjoy too. It is important to find a suit that you feel comfortable in.

4 thoughts on “Forever 21 Swimsuits

  1. These are so cute 😍 I now have a full cart at forever 21.

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  2. You should do a post all about target swimsuits

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