Kimonos from boutiques

I love wearing cardigans. They are ao easy to throw on and make an outfit look stylish. During the summer, it becomes the difficult to wear them when you are just sweating all of the time. That’s why kimonos are a great option. I love kimonos because they are lightweight and give the same effect as a cardigan.

The wild at heart boutique

This is my favorite kimono I own I got it from a boutique shop that I found on instagram. I own many other things from their site as well. It is amazing quality. This one. Is fun because it doesn’t actually have sleeves. It is basically a cute piece of fabric with wholes for your hands to stick out of. Somehow it stays on your body with easy.

The mint julep

I love when kimonos have big tassels on the ends of them. They are so fun especially during the summer. This look would be supper cute with somr cowboy boots too.

Pink tag boutique

This is such a fun color. You can wear a simple Bodysuit with it. Don’t worry too much about how your outfit looks because this kimono is doing all of the work for you. You’ll look amazing in this.

Impressions online boutique

I’m in love with snakeprint. It makes me feel so confident. I love that this is a girly version of it with it being in pink.

Lime Lush

I’m four foot seven but I love long dramatic cardigans and kimonos. I love them so much. If they aren’t meant to touch the ground, I size up. I really love walking in a room with a kimonos dragging behind me.


Kimonos are so much fun to wear. You can even use them as a swimsuit cover up. They are so great to have. Let me know if you end up buying any of these.

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