Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is coming up. That means you’re probably trying to figure out what to plan for the father’s in your life. You have three options. You can get him a gift, an experience, or nothing. So I’ll give you some examples in this blog.

Gifts men want

Here’s some of the gift ideas that he’ll actually want.

  1. A grill. I know my man loves cooking and has been eyeing some grills for a while now. The thing you’ll need to know before getting one, is if he wants Charcoal or propane.
  2. Summer clothes. Men normally don’t enjoy shopping as much as women do. So it is a great idea to stock up on some lightweight shirts and shorts for him.
  3. Fishing pole and supplies. Everytime we are at the store, my boyfriend always goes straight to the fishing section. He loves fishing.
  4. Wallet. Men always struggle with remembering to replace their wallets and keep them for a long time.
  5. Video game. There’s a lot of new video games that come out during the summer. He may be interested in one of them.


  1. Fishing. This is no brainer. A lot of men love going fishing.
  2. Having a party with all of your family and friends. This is a great way to celebrate all of the fathers you know together.
  3. Camping. June is a perfect time to go camping. You can hike and go tubing while out there too.

Doing nothing

There’s always the option of not really doing anything. You should love the fathers in your life but you don’t always have to go all put and do anything. If they know they are appropriated, then you could just have a chill day.

The end

Whatever you do, I am sure he will be happy. Men are simple and don’t really like all of the attention on them. It is easy to make sure he is having a good time. Just do whatever he likes. These are just ideas based off of what my boyfriend and my daughter’s grandpa like. I think they are going to have a good day this year for fathers day.

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide

  1. This is a great post. Keep up the good work

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  2. These are such great ideas. Thanks for the tips.

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    1. Thank you. I worked hard on it


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