Trends for 2020

Trends are always changing. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with trends. Luckily for you, I did the research. I put together five trendy items for 2020.

Sheer tops

I really think this is a fun trend. It is something different but it is sexy. You are able to dress this modest if you wish or more sexy. It is all about how you pair this top. I would wear a camisole underneath it personally. I have seen people wear pasties and rock it too. It is all about preference. I think this could be really cute under a dress too.

Logo tights

Gucci tights with their logo on them are so trendy. To the point where they probably lose a lot of resale value. Everyone is wearing them. Other brands like Fendi are also making these tights as well. They really can dress up an outfit majorly.

Classic Blue

Blue is the color of the year this year. You will be seeing it everywhere. I love how elegant it can make you look. I personally need grab more pieces in blue.

Statement earrings

If you know me, you know I love loud statement earrings. I was so excited to hear that this was a trend right now. I think they look so cute with my short hair. This can really change your whole look so easily.

Combat boots

These remind me of my emo days. Everyone wanted that edgy look with some big combat boots. This is a fun trend to come back around. You can pair these with so many different looks.

What is your favorite trend that I listed? Will you be wearing any of these? Let me know if I forgot to mention a trend.

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