Shop small business Saturday

I love shopping small! Supporting smaller businesses where the money that is made could be the way they are able to feed their families, just warms my heart. The first Saturday after Thanksgiving, is small business Saturday. I already plan on shopping at our local businesses. I put together a list of my favorite online stores. Be sure to click the pictures, it’ll take you street to the store.

This yoga mat is more than just that. It is microfiber and natural rubber for anti-slip grib. This is great for hot yoga and pilates. Roll it up or fold it; it does not crease and retains its ability to lay flat. This 2-in-1 yoga mat and yoga towel gives you the anti-slip and sweat wicking properties of a soft-to-the-touch microfiber-polyester blend yoga towel, as well as, the sturdy lay-flat feature of a natural rubber yoga mat.

I have a few tee’s from Kensi’s Korner. They hold up so well after being washed many times. She has so many cute sayings on them. I need to get myself some of her Christmas ones.

I love clothing boutiques. Knotted pineapple boutique has a lot of cute styles that I haven’t seen before. I need to get myself some of their pieces.

The red closet shop has the cutest shoes and layering pieces! I get so many compliments on these pieces from them. They are just so adorable!

I love matching with my little one. It just makes my heart smile. They have a ton of different options, even Christmas themed things! Everyone needs to support a mommy and me brand!

These are some of my favorite sma businesses. Do you love shopping small? Who are you shopping with on small business Saturday?

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