Custom Knife

Men are so hard to shop for. Something I know all of the men in my life enjoy, is knives. When I don’t know what to get a man, I always go for a knife. To me a custom knife is the best route to go. I found a cute site with knives that have fun designs on them.

Deejo is a brand of lifestyle and design knives that you can customize and tattoo on the MyDeejo online platform.
To create a Deejo in your image, you can choose the finish of your blade and its tattoo among nearly 60 illustrations such as dream catch, feather, Art Nouveau motifs, Art Deco, 1920, etc. You can also choose the color and material of your Deejo handle in different varieties of wood. And for the ultimate personal experience, you can even engrave a word or phrase on the handle of your Deejo.
The pocket Deejo is very light and can bend, making it the best companion on the road. Fine and aesthetic, it is sent in an elegant case that will delight all lovers of unique and design objects. Dee-jo is the original gift and design to offer on the occasion of Christmas.

I wrote Help! On my knife, so I can say don’t make me call for help. Then I can pull out that knife. I thought it was pretty funny to include. You could put your initials, a nickname, an important date on it. Pretty much anything you can think of.

This knife is so lightweight. I really love that feature. It doesn’t pull on your pants when in your pocket.

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