Christmas Gifts for Her

Why does gift giving have to be so hard? Are you shopping for a lady this year? I have put together a list of different things that most women would really like.

Oil defuser

This is from natural habits. I have fallen in love with using oils. I didn’t realize they are as amazing as they are, but I love them. They have so many options on what fragrances you can gift someone as well. It can totally be personal.


These are from jolimall. They are so insanely comfortable. I love these shoes. Typically shoes are expensive and more difficult to gift someone for that reason. Jolimall is such an affordable site. These were under $20!

Fake Plant

Most women love plants. During the winter, it is a lot more difficult to keep them alive. Getting a fake plant is a great alternative.

Hand Towels

I would suggest some winter hand towels. By the time you give someone their Christmas present, they are about to take their Christmas decorations down. Giving them winter hand towels will be a good idea.

Instant Pot

During the winter, everyone loves soup. Gifting an instant pot, would be so thoughtful. It will cook your soup fast, rather than taking all day long in a crockpot.

What is on your Christmas gift list? Are you gifting any of these to anyone? Do you have any other suggestions on gift ideas for women?

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