Sustainable Bags

Who else loves bags? My love for them has definitely been passed down to my daughter as well. She always has to have a bag before leaving the house. I found a great brand with the cutest bags. These are unlike any I’ve seen before. I grabbed three because they are so adorable. One for me and two for my daughter.

The brand is amazing. The exterior fabric of all Parkland products is made from 100% recycled water bottles. Trying to transition more to sustainable products is so important for our planet. We only have one planet after all. Reducing the impact on the environment is important to Parkland. From the products they design to their production processes, they are constantly refining their business and exploring ways they can innovate, including implementing more sustainable fabrics. One global issue they are passionate about is the use of plastic water bottles and their negative impact on the environment. Changing the fabric used in Parkland products is one way they can reduce the impact of this worldwide problem. The bags even come with a lifetime warranty.

These are the bags I picked out.

The academy bag was for myself. It has a laptop sleeve in it, a cup holder and so many pockets. The main pocket is very big. There’s a slightly smaller pocket in front of it. The two little pockets would be perfect for snacks. I think this bag would be so great for hiking.

My little one didn’t want to model these bags, so I did myself. They are meant for kids and look a little silly on my body.

The little monster bag is actually a lot bigger than it looks. It is able to fit so much in it! It has adorable little ears on the top and a pocket on the bottom.

The sweet sixteen bag is a heart shape! How fun is that? I’ve never seen a bag like this before. My little one loves that it is blue because that’s her favorite color. offers so many color options in all of them bags. I was worried with this bag being a unique shape that the zipper would be more difficult to use but it isn’t. It is very smooth. My kid loves to pack her bag full of toys wherever we go.

Which was your favorite bag? Do you shop sustainably? These are great ideas for Christmas too. I hope you check out the site!

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