Decorating for Christmas

I love Christmas! When did you decorate? I honestly put my tree up Nov 1st. I waited to put my blog up until more people were excited about Christmas too. I have been wrapping presents since August. I am so ready for Christmas!

First set, is setting up your tree. The tree is the focal point of the room. It is easier to set the Christmas mood, when you have it up. My tree is from @kingofchristmas I started by pulling the branches apart. When you do thos, the tree will look more full.

This tree is extra special. It has a stomper on it. You can easily turn on the lights, by stepping on the button.

I obviously skipped the steps in between here, but I’ll explain. I add the filler to the tree first. The filler is picks and extra fun things like that. I added my giant poinsettias throughout the tree. The next step was the ribbon. I cut random lengths of the ribbon and just tuck it in the tree to create a loop shape. The goal is to make the ribbon look like it is all one piece connected. I add the giant ornaments first and work my way to the smaller ones. I have four different sizes of ornaments.

I have another tree that will be in my foyer. I am waiting until after Thanksgiving to put that one up along with a few other things.

I have a cardinal with a Christmas hat along with a Nativity set and a candle.

I added snowflakes to our tv stand since it is black. The snowflakes really pop against it.

My favorite things to decorate for holidays are always my shelves. We got a wooden advent calendar this year. It even has lights on it too. We filled it up with extra candy from Halloween. We have crosses and nativity sets as well.

This is the only wreath that I have out at the moment. I love how small this one is and fits easily in the spot that breaks our living room and dining room.

My foyer came out really cute. I am going to add another tree in here and put the gifts for people that don’t live here under that one. I feel like a mistletoe is a must have for Christmas decorations. The tree painting, I actually did myself.

Of course I wanted a tree in my daughter’s room. She loves it. This tree is from target and it is three foot. I ordered the ornaments from there as well. I got them gold, silver, and champagne so they would be girly for her room. She loves having it as a night light.

That’s all that I have up right now. I can’t wait to put the rest up. Do you love to decorate for Christmas? Do you wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate?

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