How to find the perfect jeans

Jean shopping is seriously so stressful. It should be considered a sport with how much sweating you have to do. I compiled a list of all the things I look for in my jeans.

High Waited

I feel like most women know the benefits of high waisted jeans. I mean they are life changing. Whenever I am in town though, I notice I’m the only woman even wearing high waisted pants. I’m like what? I didn’t even know they still sold low rise! I feel like if high rise jeans was a thing when I was in high school, I probably wouldn’t have thought I was as fat as I thought I did. High waisted jeans hold everything together. They help your belly not jiggle as you walk. They even give the appearance that you are taller.

Dip in the back

You want the back of your jeans to habe a dip in the back. A lot of them will have a v shape right above your butt. This will cause your butt to look better in the jeans.

Elastic waist band

I said what I said. Elastic waist band. This obviously makes the waist band way more comfortable. They should seriously make all pants like this.

Slimming panels

Some jeans will have a meshing on the front inside. This is a slimming panel! This seriously helps so much to have. It makes my belly line almost disappear. I feel so much more confident wearing them.

X short

When you are four foot seven, it is hard to find jeans that actually fit length wise. American eagle makes an x short line! They are still a tad bit too long on me but they are the best length I’ve had in so many years!


I personally am always looking for the most comfortable jeans I can find. Honestly I’ve worked out in all of my jeans because they are all that comfortable!

Where I found my jeans from

These jeans are my favorite when I want to be stylish. They aren’t as comfortable as my others but they fit me the best since I have lost weight. They are from American Eagle.

These are my favorite jeans in the comfort category. These are from lularoe and I seriously wish I had more of them.

These jeans are from seven7 jeans. I really love them and I’m sad they don’t fit me the way they should anymore. I feel really confident when I wear them.

These are all of the things I look for when I buy jeans. I hope I am able to help you find your perfect jeans. What is something that you look for?

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