Building Confidence

Building confidence is something so important to me. I want to be confident in myself but I also want others to be confident in themselves as well. I love seeing a person just radiating confidence. Confidence is about loving your whole self and not just the surface. I’m not talking about outer beauty but also inner beauty. But it is so easy to hate what you see with the raise of social media. It is so easy to see someone with your dream body or someone with a huge heart. It is so easy to judge others and compare. Just remember we are ALL different. How do you get to the point of life where you are more confident though? What are some tips to help be more confident? I asked my Instagram followers to see what their opinions were on this topic.

There’s so many helpful things to be heard from them.

Something that I use to avoid so much when I wasn’t confident in myself, was looking in the mirror. I just always avoided it. But why? This is who I am. Why am I trying to act like this isn’t how I look? This is me. One day I looked at myself and I realized it really wasn’t that bad to do. It wasn’t the worse thing I could be doing. I definitely took it slow. Now I can look at myself and see so many great things.

Smile more! Having a smile on your face, makes you more approachable. People are more likely to start a conversation with someone when they are smiling. When you put a smile on, it makes you actually feel happier as well.

You need to check your surroundings. Put yourself around others who are always very positive. I found my group through the people I talk to on Instagram and the people in my church.

Try saying no. You can do that politely. You don’t have to let people take advantage of you and walk all over you. You don’t need to say yes to everything. It isn’t mean to say no.

Try putting on makeup, doing your hair, or putting together a cute outfit. Do something where you feel cute. If you feel good about your appearance, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable around others.

Try working out. I’m not saying being skinny will make you happy. When I had a flat stomach and weighed a hundred pounds, I hated life so much. I’m saying working out is a great way to clear your mind and get in the right mindset.

Connecting with Jesus. When you have something weighing on your heart, you’ll see random scriptures popping up all over the place that fit your current situation. It is so crazy how he’ll do things like that for us. I know I feel better having him in my life.

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