Wooden Sunglasses: A Unique Natural Accessory

I personally love wooden accessories. There’s something about them just looks unique. I first found out about Jord Watches, when they only sold wooden wrist watches. I immediately fell in love and had to get myself one. I have been wearing this watch for over a year now. I love that they are from Missouri like I am. They are based in St. Louis so it is great supporting more of a local business. They have really changed their site since then. There’s so many more features for watches now, even Apple smart watch bands. I definitely want to get another watch from them. There was something else that caught my attention as well. They have sunglasses! My boyfriend loves wearing sunglasses all year round! I had bought him a pair months ago from a different brand. He has worn them out now and really needed a new pair of sunglasses. I figured since I already had a watch from them, I should be selfless and get him a pair of sunglasses. They are such a great gift idea that men would actually like. My man is so picky on presents. He doesn’t like any of the cheesy, typically gifts, like pictures. He wants to have something that he would actually buy himself. Jord offers many products, ie; wood and natural material watches, wood and natural materials sunglasses, a variety of stylish exotic wood and leather apple bands, and a variety of hats for men. The watches may be a great gift for a recipient. Engraving is even available on watcg back plates and cedar humidor boes. Every watch comes with a one year warranty. There’s even free worldwide shipping.

As I was looking through their selection of sunglasses, I had a hard time. They were all beautiful. How could I online choose one? Even the women sunglasses were stunning. It really made me wish I wore contacts. I picked a pair that would match everything but also something I felt like he’d feel comfortable in. They are the Archer – Kosso & Maple. These sunglasses can be worn everyday. They match all of his hats and jackets.

I was blown away by these sunglasses when they came in. I have never seen glasses this nice before. I wish they made prescription glasses now, so I can wear them. They have so many small details that just make these sunglasses beautiful!

This is what they look like on me. My boyfriend hates me taking his pictures, so these will do.

I have even better news. Jord is wanting me to host a giveaway!

All you have to do is go to this link https://www.jordwatches.com/g/dropdeadpaige

The winner will receive a 50% off code toward the purchase of any accessory or item in our collection!

The winner will be emailed in a month

All other entrants will also be emailed a consolation 10% off gift code

Did you just fall in love with Jord? I think the more I check out their site, the more I want to buy something else. Their pieces are amazing quality and such affordable prices. I’m neve disappointed with Jord.

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