Bag Collection: Children’s Edition

My daughter is a fashionista. She loves her accessories and styling her outfits. She has so much fun being creative. She has so many bags because of this. She has crossbody bags, shoulder bags, backpacks. She has it all.

This one is a bit too long on her but she does not care she loves watermelon and sparkles. I love when she wears this bag during the summer time.

This is a fuzzy rainbow Unicorn bag! It is so cute! It doesn’t hold much, so she doesn’t wear it often. It was her first bag and what started her obsession for bags.

I really don’t know what she is doing here. This is one of my favorite bags of hers. It is a stuffed animal monkey purse. It is just so cute!

My daughter wears this bag so much. She loves that is is a circle shape and it actually holds a lot of her toys in it.

When she got this Elsa pin, she knew it had to go on her heart backpack. Blue is her favorite color, so she loves that about this bag.

This is her go to bag. It is her biggest. It has an option of being a purse, but she likes it as a backpack more. Whenever she goes anywhere for a long period of time, she likes to bring this bag.

She was so excited when I got her this bag. She loves that it is a kitty. She can even fit a barbie in here.

She wouldn’t let me get a good picture of this bag. The bag is a wicker kitty cat! It looks so cute with her purses she has!

Do you have a kid obsessed with a bags? Are you obsessed with bags? Which one was your favorite?

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