Styling Jean Jackets

Spring is such a perfect time of the year for Jean Jackets. Honestly I’d love to have like two more. I never used to like wearing them because they are uncomfortable. I have found some can be really stretchy and if that fails, to size up. I have two Jean jackets. One is from Calvin Klein and is trucker style of jacket. The other one is from a little boutique and a little different. They are both in a medium.

I love wearing my Jean Jackets with black leggings. I think they look so goo together. I always pair mine with a stripe shirt. I feel so stylish when I wear this all together.

You can never go wrong with a basic white tee as your top. It pairs well with all. The Jean jacket is able to be the main focus on this outfit and it is adorable.

I love wearing this outfit to church. The jacket is perfect when it is chilly in the morning and looks great with a more dressy look. I feel like the fourth of July when I wear this all together.

This would be a perfect date night look. This is probably exactly what I would wear for a date honestly. I feel so girly in this outfit without being too flashy and provocative.

This is definitely another great date night look for me. This top is so girly and I think the jacket brings it to the right level.

What do you pair your Jean Jackets with? Do you like wearing them? What is your perfect style of a Jean jacket? I love the sleeveless ones with a band tee underneath and a cropped one paired with a dress.

2 thoughts on “Styling Jean Jackets

  1. Normally when I wear a Jean jacket I will pair it up with a similar color skirt or jeans but honestly jean jackets go well with almost anything hence I love them x

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    1. That sounds really cute together!


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