Wooden Toys

As a parent we all want what is best for our children. We try to give our children everything we didn’t have as kids ourselves. Wooden toys are starting to become a lot more popular than they used to. Pinterest has said that the search “wooden toys” has went up to one hundred and seventy three percent in their saves. I definitely am one of those people saving different wooden toys on Pinterest. I love wooden toys for my little one. I love the traditional idea of play for my child. I love that when my daughter plays with wooden toys, it allows for her to be more imaginative. When children are playing with toys, they aren’t just keeping busy; they’re doing some serious learning, too. Her creativity thoughts come out while she is playing. Wooden toys really never go out of style. They don’t have the coolest new TV show character on them. You wouldn’t get embarrassed if you were playing with it as you were older than. They help her senses as they invite kids to touch, feel, and explore with them. Wooden toys have very basic shapes which allows for kids to build hand eye coordination. When I think about wood, my entire being changes. There is something so noble about the material, long lasting, tactile and individual. Wooden toys are enjoying a real renaissance of late but of course have always been popular with the discerning consumer amongst us. At the end of the day, with plastic toys they just don’t last that long. They end up going into the dump because it is broken or moldy. I love that more people are switching to wooden toys because they realize the saying, “you buy cheap, you buy twice.” It is so true is this situation. It is definitely worth paying a little more for children to play with wooden toys vs plastic toys. You can’t really donate plastic toys unless your kid didn’t really play with them.

I know my child is rough on her things. I like having toys for her that will actually last for the time she plays with them. Wooden toys are made for generations of kids to play with. My daughter is able to play with the same toy in many different ways because wooden toys are so open natute. I love that wooden toys don’t have harmful chemicals like plastic toys do. Toxic toys contain chemicals that, with enough exposure, have proven harmful to laboratory animals or humans. Toys are meant for kids, shouldn’t they be safe? I love the way wooden toys look as well. They are not so brightly colored, so it makes your space look a lot more inviting.

I love that wooden toys aren’t as easy to break. Wooden toys are strong. You don’t have to worry about your little being hurt from the toy. Wooden toys really help give me a piece of mind as my little one plays with them. I really am glad I was able to make the switch to wooden toys.

1 thought on “Wooden Toys

  1. Wooden toys are so great for kids to have


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