Decocrated Spring 2021 Box

I’ve loved decocrated for so long now. This is my sixth box I’ve gotten. If you don’t know what decocrated is, it is a seasonal home decor subscription box. It makes decorating your home so easy. There’s a Facebook community where you can share different ideas of how you use these pieces. There’s another group that you can share how you hack the items. There’s even a third group that you can sell or buy any piece that someone didn’t find a use for.

It seriously helps so much mixing each box together. I have so many plans for my spring decor with last year’s box too. I received my spring box and I can’t wait to play around with these pieces! This is the link to get your box.

Use code DROPDEADPAIGE10 on the season box Or DROPDEADPAIGE30 annual box. You seriously save a lot more money on the annual box. You won’t regret signing up the annual because you’ll quickly fall in love with this subscription service.

Something a lot of the boxes have in them are pillow case. You can buy an insert so you don’t have a ton of throw pillows in your seasonal storage. I normally just buy some cotton and fill the pillow however much I like. I am in love with this pillow though! It is so beautiful! The blue side is like the winter pillow. It is so soft.

Something everyone in the Facebook group always talks about wanting is a clipboard. I personally have been wanting one too. Each season, they send an art work and this will look so beautiful in it. I normally just put my art work in a random picture frame but it will look so cute on this clipboard. It will be extra special since I have the art from last spring too.

I seriously love this so much. It is so beautiful! I love flowers so much.

These two can either be hung up or stand on a shelf. I’m so in love with them. They are just beautiful.

I have always wanted wooden book decor. I am debating on painting flowers on the top of it.

To continue with the floral theme, here’s a planter. It is so beautiful. I’m a crazy plant lady. I haven’t decided if I want a real plant in it or a fake one. I think it depends on where it goes in my house.

This tray is so big! I think it would be perfect for a dinner table. I have mine on our wood burning stove to add color to it.

That’s everything in the spring box 2021. What was your favorite piece in the box? Will you be purchasing this box? Let me know what you think of it all.

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