Making an Expresso Coffee

Do you love your coffee? I know I sure do. I love enjoying at least one everyday. With quarantine, I am stuck with coffee at home. That being said I’ve learned some tips and tricks. I ordered an expresso maker on Amazon and it was game cheaper.

It was super affordable, which is always a win. When I first received it, my first thought was to clean it. One the box it has simple instructions. It says to just use water, no soap, and air dry. I did just that.

I added my water and coffee grounds to the correct areas. I then just put it on the stove and let it heat up on low.

I just wait until it is boiling. That is all! It is so easy and there’s no hassle! I add it to my mug with milk. It is just delicious!

How do you like your coffee? Do you make your own at home? If you try this out, let me know what you think of it.

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