Starting Your Morning Right!

There’s something many people struggle with each and every day. That is getting out of bed. Especially now that it is so cold in the morning and your bed is so warm. This is what helps me actually get out of bed. COLD BREW.

I know what you are thinking, it is too cold to be drinking a cold drink in November. I disagree with you. It is the perfect time because your ice does not melt super fast in it. I really love especially in the morning, having the cold drink go down my throat. The struggle of all of this is, it is expensive to buy a cold brew every day. I went to Amazon and found a cold brew maker! It had amazing reviews on it. It can even be used for tea too!

The cold brew maker came in a ton of bubble wrap. I was worried about it breaking with it being glass and the mailman not always being gentle. The bottom has removal rubber so it doesn’t slide around. The part where you add the coffee grounds into it, is nice and wide. The cold brew maker even has a nice handle and lid! I love that it has the measurements on the side as well. It is super easy to make the cold brew. All you do is add your coffee grounds into the middle piece. You add water to it, and then let it steep for 12 hours. You take the grounds out and you have cold brew. What you do next is up to you. I add ice to a cup pour the coffee into the cup halfway. I add milk the rest of the way and then add simple sugar. I mix it up and have a yummy drink in the morning. You are able to store the cold brew in the fridge for two weeks.

If cold coffee isn’t exactly your favorite I have another tool for you. A MILK FROTHER.

If you don’t know what a milk frother is, that’s okay. Do you like the texture of a latte? That’s exactly what a milk frother does! I have wanted one for so many years but never ended up buying one. This one has a stand! That makes storing it even easier. The hand feel is very comfortable. It has a button on the top to turn it on. How I use it, is very easy. I add my hot coffee to a mug. I add my simple sugar and milk. Then I just put the tip in the mug for a few seconds with it turned on. It spins my drink up really fast, giving it a yummy texture.

Are you on Amazon now check these out? Which of these do you use? Zulay Kitchen even has a life time warranty. They have so many other great products. Let me know if you end up grabbing something from them, to help your mornings.

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