Fall Trends 2019

Fall fashion is my favorite fashion! I love everything about it. I’m getting so excited that brands are starting to release their fall lines now. I have started to notice the things they all have in common.

Animal print

Snake and leopard print are everywhere these season. You can pick bold pieces like a snake dress or more subtle pieces like a leopard belt. I personally feel so confident when I am wearing animal print. I just love it.

Purple and Yellow

These two colors are seeming to be very popular. I personally love purple so I’m excited about that. I don’t have anything in yellow however. I really want to pick up a yellow flannel this fall.

Dark floral

If I’m wearing prints, it is normally floral. I am excited to continue wearing florals into the cooler months. These floral pieces are ones that include the fall colors. You’ll see black floral dresses and maroon skirts. I already have a few dresses like this.

Liquid leggings

So many people bought the spanks liquid leggings during the Nordstrom sale this year. You are going to see a lot of people wearing them. The faux leather look is definitely on trend and this is a comfortable way of getting that look. A lot of my leggings have that kind of appearance as well.

Subtle Neon

Neon is definitely still on trend. It just isn’t as in as your face as it was during the summer. It is in smaller pieces now. Instead of having an entire neon green dress, opt for a dress with neon accents.

Trends can be a lot of fun to play around with. You can really play around with them to fit your personal style better. Which trend do you think you’ll be wearing a ton this season?

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