My purse essentials

I never used to be a purse person honestly. It took me up until this year before I actually started using them. I used to always use my wallet. I had a huge one that could be carried on your wrist. Then it broke and I couldn’t find a style I liked. I tried this purse because it is little and doesn’t budge out at all. You don’t have to feel like you have a ton of stuff with you and it isn’t in your way. It was exactly what I wanted. I ordered this on Amazon for less than $20.

This purse has many pockets in it and easy to store your things. I don’t actually use anything but the center but it is nice to have your options.

This is my wallet I mentioned earlier. It is a few years old and was super cheap. I shouldn’t be surprised that it ended up breaking. I need to find a cute small one but I haven’t found one I like. If you know of a good small wallet please let me know in the comments. I also put my gift cards up like that to cover my private cards.

I keep a mini first aid kit in purse. It is smaller than my wallet so it really doesn’t take up much space. It has different bandaids, stickers, and towelettes in it. I’ve hurt myself a few times on our outings and it isn’t fun walking home bleeding.

My daughter is a kid who loves sunglasses. Sometimes she forgets to grab them before we go out the door and will notice when we are too far to turn around. I keep these in my purse and she has a pair in the car as well.

I obviously keep the house keys with me when we go out. We always lock out doors even during the day. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I have a toddler. I always have some form of a snack with me. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just as long as it is a snack. These are a healthy fruit stripe from Aldi’s.

Again with safety first, I keep a knife on me. I am always hearing stories of human trafficking and I would like to have some form of protection with me.

That is it. I normally keep my phone in my purse but it was out for me taking the pictures. I don’t like having much with me so this is great.

What is something you must always bring with you?

1 thought on “My purse essentials

  1. This purse is so great. I love having fashion tape with me too.


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