Family Swimsuits

I love matching with daughter all of the time. She likes a lot of the same style that I like as well. So it works out pretty easily for the most part. I’m such a sucker for mommy and me clothes. To make them even better, is when I can get my boyfriend to match us too. I think it is a lot of fun matching.


Yaffi is an affordable family matching clothing line. You can find them on Amazon. They have so many options. You can get one pieces or two pieces. High waisted bottoms or low waisted bottoms. Brightly colored suits or more neutral. There are a lot to choose from. The swimsuit is made of high quality smooth fabric, stretchy, comfortable and durable, soft shell, made easy to clean and dry quickly. It always keeps you and your kids comfortable in summer vacation.

Our floral suits

I love this print. The woman’s bottoms come right under my belly button but cover my belly line. There’s ruching on them to help hide the belly as well. Another tip that I find to help, is choosing bottoms of a darker color. The bottoms even cover the full booty. The top has padding in it to help push you up some. The top doesn’t have any back closing, so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to undo while you are in public. The straps on the woman’s and little girl’s are removable. The little girl’s fits my daughter really great and still looks modest on her. The men’s bottoms are very comfortable fit.

Our Oranges

This is such a fun set. It is so different with the top. The is similar to a wrap dress. It wraps around the front and ties in the back. Adding the second section in the back, gives you a good coverage. The bottoms are full coverage as well. I love how bright colored this suit is. I feel so confident wearing it.


In the floral one I’m wearing a medium and in the oranges one I’m wearing a large. I’m right in between the two sizes and they both work for me. Here’s the measurements for the women’s

S (4): Bust: 34″—Waist: 27″—Hip: 37″

M (6-8): Bust: 35.5″-37″—Waist: 28″-29.5″—Hip: 38″-39.5″

L (10-12): Bust: 37.5″-39.5″—Waist: 30″-32″—Hip: 40″-42″

XL (14-16): Bust: 40.5″-43″—Waist: 33″-35.5″—Hip: 43″-45.5

Annalise is wearing a 3-4 in both of them and they fit her really well. Here’s the measurements for the kid’s.

3 Years (3T): Height: 35″-38″— Weight: 29-33lb

3-4 Years (S4): Height: 41″-44″— Weight: 37-42lb

4-5 Years (M5): Height: 44″-47″— Weight: 42-46lb

5-6 Years (L6): Height: 47″-49″— Weight: 46-53lb

6-7 Years (XL7): Height: 49″-52″— Weight: 53-58lb

These suits are great because when kids are young they want to be just like their parents. I love being able to find affordable clothing options that actually work. These ones are super cute and I’ll definitely have us wear them a lot this summer. They are great quality. If you love matching us much as I do, these are definitely something to look into. The standard delivery time takes about 10days and expedite with 5days. Each of these are sold separately so be sure to add each size to your cart.

2 thoughts on “Family Swimsuits

  1. I love the black and white ones! I need to check these out!

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    1. I really love it too 😍


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