Walmart vs Target Denim shorts

Now that it is summer time, we all have to pull out our shorts. I haven’t bought any in so long, that mine are all still low rise. I didn’t want to spend too much money on something I might not really wear. I opted for trying a pair from target and a pair from walmart.

Target Shorts

I ordered the women’s high rise double cuff hem midi jean shorts universal thread medium wash in a size 8. They were $17. I was very impressed with the selection target had. You can get so many options of rises. They also had different lengths of shorts. You didn’t have just two options-booty shorts or knee length shorts. I went for some that are five inches inseam. I wanted to be modest but not too modest. Here’s a tip for anyone who has big thighs and booty, go for boyfriend fit shorts! The traditional tight shorts just don’t work for my body type at all. Boyfriend shorts give me so much room for my legs while still not being tight either. I have been wearing these shorts for a month or two just about every day because I love them.

Walmart Shorts

From walmart I ordered the time and tru women’s 4.5 Denim shorts in a 8. They cost $14. Walmart definitely didn’t have as much to choose from as target did. Walmart had cute distressing on their shorts though. Their shorts didn’t come in a five inch inseam so I went for a four and a half in inseam. I figured the half inch wouldn’t make that big of a difference. When I am just standing there, they don’t look like it either. But they end up riding up while I walk and move. It drives me crazy because they are cuter than the target ones. I have also been wearing these shorts for about the same amount of time as the others. These ones don’t seem to be holding up as well. There’s peeling in the crouch area from my thighs rubbing together.

I did end up buying another pair. Any guess on which one it could be? It was the target shorts. I personally feel like the target shorts are worth the extra three dollars. When I ordered them, they were even five dollars off. It was a win for me. Have you tried these shorts out?

1 thought on “Walmart vs Target Denim shorts

  1. Yet again another amazing post 👏I’ll have to try them out.


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