Wardrobe Essentials for Fall

I’ve made a ton of blogs about fall. The reason is because I love fall fashion. I’ll probably write even more too. It just makes me so happy. These are some of the “essentials” I have for my fall wardrobe.

Yellow long sleeve

This is my favorite shirt. I’m always wearing it. It is so easy to add layers to. It being yellow, adds a fun pop of color. I personally love how it looks when it is tied up with jeans.

Animal print

I have mentioned this so many times already. Animal is such a fun trend for this year. I am always wearing it. There’s so many shades and styles of pieces with animal print. I just love it.

Jean jacket

Jean jackets are such a classic piece for fall. They go with everything. It is an easy way to make your outfit look casual. I love wearing them with dresses during the fall a lot.

Moto Jacket

I feel so stylish whenever I wear this jacket. It is easy to style because it is such a basic color. I love wearing gold jewelry with this jacket since the hardware is gold on here.

Knit cardigan

I live in knit cardigans. It is like wearing a blanket and being cute at the same time! I seriously need to stock up on more of them. Lularoe makes my favorite because they are so soft and not itchy at all.


I wear a flannel at least once a week. I have gotten more this year and that makes me so happy. I think this one is really fun since it is so long. I feel like I have a cape on when I wear this one.

White teddy coat

I don’t know how I feel about the traditional brown teddy coats. I love all of the colored ones though. I feel like this one being white is such a statement. When I walk in a room, this is definitely a head turning. I feel like a million bucks with this jacket.

Do you have any of these pieces? Which is your favorite? Did I forget any essentials?

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