Blush Mark Haul

If you didn’t know, I love blush mark. Their clothes are so cute, stylish, and affordable. I’m blown away with the fact that they are good quality too! I ordered $60 worth of stuff and I got so much! BM6fe4C20: This code for you guys and it expires on 12/30 and if you shop on you will get a 20% off their product but can’t use on the item which is under FINAL SALE.

This is a video of everything but I will go in depth with it now.

I really wanted a white turtleneck and I was so excited to get one. This will match so much of my stuff.

I had gotten this exact skirt before but as a mini skirt but I wanted one that was a bit longer too. This is such a fun skirt.

I wore this skirt the other day and boy did I feel so cute! This is just a simple black skirt but I love the gold buttons on it. I feel like a business woman in it.

This red turtle neck is so perfect for the Christmas season. I like that this one is a loose fitting style of one.

I also got this gray mock neck crop top. I feel like it is such a great basic to have and it is so cute.

I’m in love with this dress. I need some shape wear on with it but it is so cute. It is another great Christmas dress to wear.

I even got a coat from them! They have so many cute options to choose from. You can really get everything from them. I love their style of clothes.

2 thoughts on “Blush Mark Haul

  1. These are all great options

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  2. how can you where all that i would give up after 30 sec decideing what to were


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