Christmas Outfit Ideas

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here? This month has flown on by. I have a few things I want to do from now until Christmas and I really don’t know what I’m going wear. I’m going to need you to leave a comment and tell me what is your favorite option.

This sweater is so stinking cute! I have been wearing it so much this month. I have even been sleeping in it. It is just so comfortable. I will probably wear this on Christmas day so I can be nice and cozy.

I’ve shown this tee recently. It us from the lularoe Christmas line. I’m in love with it though. It says “glitter is my go to,” which is so me. I paired it with a blazer from Lularoe as well. I will probably wear this for our Christmas party.

A polar express shirt is so Christmas! My little one has a matching one too. I love how this is a subtle Christmas look, but if you know you know.

This is currently one of my favorite tops. It is just so perfect. I’ve worn it so much this month. I get so many compliments on it when I do.

I am currently wearing this top right now as I’m writing this. I’m going to be sad to not wear it anymore after the Christmas season is over. It is so soft. I love pairing it with a flannel, but mine was dirty when I took this picture.

I got this sweater last year on Amazon. I love wearing it the entire winter season, instead of just December. I have only worn it once this December but I really love it.

This is a top that I’ll continue to wear even after Christmas. It is so perfect for me though. I love Buffalo plaid so much! This one is from Lularoe as well. Most of my clothes are from them.

This outfit is so over the top and I love it. I plan on wearing this to church on Sunday. I don’t normally wear tee shirts to church, but I feel like with this fun skirt, it is fine.

This is what I plan on wearing for our Christmas eve candle service at church. This dress is a bit fancier than I normally wear, but it is so beautiful. I toned it down a bit with the teddy coat.

I am wearing these pajamas from yaffi fashion on Christmas morning. I love that we will all be able to match in our Jammies. These pajamas are so comfortable and great quality.

Are you excited for Christmas? Do you know what you are wearing for Christmas? What was your favorite outfit idea that I put together?

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