Cotton candy Halloween costume

My child is three. She is so excited about Halloween. She has went through so many crazy, unique ideas of things to be. She came up with ideas that I never heard anyone be for Halloween. I had to consider whatever she was going to be, it will need to be easy to layer clothes underneath. I didn’t want the warm clothes she’ll wear take away from the costume. She really wanted to be barbie. It would be so hard to wear a little pink dress in October though. She decided on us being cotton candy and her dad being the cotton candy man. I had no idea how to make something like this. I brainstorm so many different possibilities. I was really considering using tulle to give the effect of cotton candy. I ultimately decided to use cotton. This ended up being so easy to make. I spent $50 on supplies from Amazon for everything we’d need for three costumes.

I took a long sleeve tee shirt of Annalise’s that was stained all over and hot glued cotton everywhere. I glued it on the front and the back but left the sleeves free. It took so much hot glue to do it all.

I took it outside and spray painted the top. I made sure to leave some a bit white to look more realistic. I decided to even do the sleeves. I let it try outside and did the same for mine. With mine, I wanted it to be a little moe subtle. I only added cotton to the front. I also ran out of hot glue at this point. I only sprayed the cotton on my shirt and left the sleeves and back white.

I made a beanie for my little one to wear as well. It has cotton on the top and a cone coming off of it.

Since it is a lot on your head, it feels a bit awkward. I don’t think she’ll actually want to wear it. It’ll be cute for a picture though.

For my boyfriend’s costume, it was the hardest one to make. I made him the cotton candy man. I first had to find a box that was the right size. I painted it white. I then wanted to have dividers in it, so the cotton candy would stay in place. They were hard to make. I cut some cardboard going both directions horizontally and taped them down. I then made painted the cotton pink and blue. For the blue I spray painted it and it looked better. For the pink, I used normal paint which was more difficult to do. I then taped some paper in a cone shape and taped the cotton to the cone. I wrote cotton candy on the white box.

I’m going to have my boyfriend I’m going to have him wear khakis and a botton up with a tie. I’m going to have my little one wear a shirt underneath and two leggings, so she’ll be warm.

What are you doing for Halloween? Do you like making costumes or just buy them? Will you recreate this look?

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